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TRAILER & GALLERY: ‘Coldplay: A Head Full of Dreams’

Tomorrow (November 14), Coldplay: A Head Full of Dreams will be in select theaters nationwide for one night only, and a new trailer has just been released to get fans excited for this in-depth documentary featuring footage from the band’s over 20-year history.

Fantasy Football Fiasco - Phone Tap

It's true what they say, whatever you post online can cause some real life drama! Today we called Kevin because his fantasy football team name is getting some bad rep. Let's see how he reacts to this Phone Tap! 

How The Frisbee Got Its Nutritious Start - Shock Collar

Remember some of the best toys that got us through boredom? The yo-yo, the slinky and of course, we can't forget about the Frisbee! Today we find out how the Frisbee actually started! Let's see if Brooke knows how it started or else she gets shocked. It's another edition of the Shock Collar.