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Kimmel Returns Home to Vegas!

Embed from Getty Images Jimmy Kimmel is bringing his "Jimmy Kimmel Live" home to Vegas for the first time this April! Kimmel, who grew up in the Valley and will be opening his own comedy club right here in Vegas, will be taping shows April 1st - 5th at a yet-to-be-disclosed location in Las Vegas.…

Halsey Got a New Tattoo

I love Halsey. I love tattoos. I'm not sure I love Halsey's new tattoo.   Halsey got Marilyn Manson’s face tattooed on her ribcage in Australia. pic.twitter.com/3R7jzs4i27 — Pop Crave (@PopCrave) February 13, 2019  

Bye-Bye Baby!

As parents, we mess up from time to time...I'm reminded of the time I spilled a beer on my daughter's head while pushing her in a stroller. But, hey, it was St. Paddy's Day! Anyway, this is a little ridiculous! This poor baby got left alone on a train while daddy went to go smoke…

No Make-Up Days

I recently read an article on 'Today Parenting' about a mom saying that "if you don't occasionally show up to the car line in an old t-shirt and without make-up, we can't be friends." This made me laugh because, Dads do it, too. Not the make-up part...well, most of us don't wear make-up. But, to…