Mall Job Hatred - Missed Connections

The mall is the best place to get some fresh clothes and get a new look, but I didn't know you could find love at the mall too! We find out how someone actually found love at the mall in today's Missed Connections.

Thinking Out Loud - Phone Tap

They say that thinking out loud can get you in trouble! Today we find out how a guy's thinking out loud condition got him in deep water. It'll all make sense in today's Phone Tap! 

Killer Lamaze Classes - Phone Tap

They say that there's two BIG happy moments in life. When life begins and when it ends.. or at least from what our friend Sage thinks. I don't think him teaching Lamaze classes will go well. It's another Phone Tap! 

Dinner - Song Of The Week

We're just one week away from the feast of the year! Talking about Thanksgiving. Young Jeffrey sings everything of having to sit in agony before we can sit down and eat. It's another weekly edition of the Song Of The Week!