Guilty Husband - Phone Tap

Going to jury duty might suck for some people so getting out of it might be their best option. Today we find out how Donna got out of serving her jury duty with the help of her husband.. Trust me it isn't a good reason why she got out of it. It's another Phone Tap! 

The Canadian Ambush - Shock Collar

Canada is home to the nicest people in the world! Today we get a little taste of their birthday traditions. Let's see if Brooke knows what they are or else she'll get shocked!! It's another edition of the Shock Collar. 

Ashes To Ashes - Awkward Tuesday Phone Call

What turned out to be a generous gift turned into the WORST thing possible. Jade's roommate is going to freak out when she finds out what her beauty product is really made of. It's another Awkward Tuesday Phone Call! 

Christian Gets Mad At The Store - Phone Tap

Have you ever walked into a store and totally feel like everyone is jealous of you?! Oh my god, tell me you have! Our good friend Christian went into a store and just felt the jealousy being thrown at him. It's another Phone Tap! 

Traveling Pet Peeves - Shock Collar

Traveling can either be disastrous or be a walk in the park! We find out what American's HATE the most when they travel. Brooke is in the hot seat today and if she doesn't know what American's HATE the most then she gets shocked! It's another edition of the Shock Collar!