Christian Gets Mad At The Store - Phone Tap

Have you ever walked into a store and totally feel like everyone is jealous of you?! Oh my god, tell me you have! Our good friend Christian went into a store and just felt the jealousy being thrown at him. It's another Phone Tap! 

Traveling Pet Peeves - Shock Collar

Traveling can either be disastrous or be a walk in the park! We find out what American's HATE the most when they travel. Brooke is in the hot seat today and if she doesn't know what American's HATE the most then she gets shocked! It's another edition of the Shock Collar! 

Cover Up Lady - Phone Tap

Every gym has that person that's totally a head turner! That person is Sheryl so we called her pretending to be from her gym and called about her head turner problem. Let's find out how she takes it in today's Phone Tap!