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The Cash Code Contest is back!

The $10,000 Cash Code returns to Star 107.9 on Monday, April 1st! You'll have 5 chances each weekday to win $1,000, and to get registered for the grand prize of $10,000! Keep listening to STAR 107.9 for details and your chance to win!

Stranger Things 3!

What else can possibly go wrong in Hawkins, Indiana (or in the upside-down)? At this point, anything is on the table. But, who better than to face the mouth-breathers and the strange things afoot in the mid 80's than Mike, Eleven, Dustin, Lucas, Will? Check out the trailer for season 3 below (available on Netflix…

Toy Story 4!

Just when we thought their story was coming to a close, the Toy Story gang is back! Woody, Buzz, Rex, Hamm and company return to theaters June 21. Where will their adventure lead this time? Check out the official trailer below and find out...but, grab the tissue!