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Hi Friend,

We hope you’re doing okay in this really unpleasant time. Most of us at Star 107.9 are working from home right now, and it’s really weird.

Y’know that old saying that, when you assume, you make an ass out of u and me? Well, we were thinking about you, and we realized that if you’re spending a lot less time in the car – or at your workplace – than you were before, we shouldn’t assume that you know all the different ways that you can keep listening to all the music we play on the radio.

  • Got a radio at home? Tune that sucker to 107.9 FM, and boom, there we are!

Stream Us:
Pull up and hit the play button below to start listening.

Amazon Alexa:
If you have an Amazon Echo then you’ve got a new way to listen to Star 107.9 at home and work! As of January 1 when listening to Star 107.9 on Alexa you may need to reenable your Alexa skill, instructions to do so are below.

Now, anytime you want to hear Vegas’ best variety on Star 107.9 , all you have to do is tell Alexa – it’s as easy as saying “Alexa, Open Star One Oh Seven Nine Las Vegas”

You and Your Alexa:

1.) The first time (and only the first time) you use the Star 107.9 Skill you must ENABLE it by either:


OR clearly tell your Amazon Echo: ALEXA, ENABLE Star One Oh Seven Nine Las Vegas

2.) Tell Alexa to OPEN Star One Oh Seven Nine Las Vegas!

3.) Listen to Star 107.9 LIVE or to one of our PODCASTS!

Is there a Star 107.9 mobile app that’s a free download in the iTunes and Google Play stores? Of course, there is! Here’s the cool thing: you can listen on your phone, but we know a couple of people who plug their earbuds into their iPads and listen to that way while they’re working out at home.



There, wasn’t that easy? Of course, it was.

Now you can listen to all that music on Star 107.9, and we’ll also give you juuuust enough information you need about the Coronavirus situation without making you crazy.

Oh, and speaking of that, if you want some reasons to feel optimistic about what’s going on right now, click this link right here.

Please keep telling us which songs you like and dislike when we play them. (Details here.)
We’re all in this together, and we’re all going to stay #VegasStrong!