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We know you really listen to Star 107.9 for less talk, fewer commercials and more music…right?

You would nevvver be persuaded to listen to us just to win money. You’re above that, aren’t you?

You aren’t above that?

Fine, we’ll sink to your level. We have no shame, and that’s why we’re offering you The Shameless Bribe.

Each workday, we’re giving you ten chances to win $100 and qualify to win the $5,000 Shameless Bribe. Listen for the hourly keyword from 8am through 5pm each workday. And yeah, we’re partnering up with three of our sister stations (who also have no shame, but won’t admit it) for this Beasley Media Group local Las Vegas contest.

Are you nitpicky? Do you need to see the rules? They’re right HERE.

Now go win you some money…y’know, even though you only listen to Star 107.9 for the music.

Contest Rules

Full contest rules and details HERE.