Shock Collar

How The Frisbee Got Its Nutritious Start - Shock Collar

Remember some of the best toys that got us through boredom? The yo-yo, the slinky and of course, we can't forget about the Frisbee! Today we find out how the Frisbee actually started! Let's see if Brooke knows how it started or else she gets shocked. It's another edition of the Shock Collar. 

Most Impulsive Buy - Shock Collar

America is known for it's impulsive buys like the snuggie or the sham wow and today we find out America's top 5 impulsive buys! Let's see if Jose knows some of the top 5 or else he gets shocked!! It's another Shock Collar. 

Why It's Called The Windy City - Shock Collar

Chicago is known for some of the greatest baseball ever played and food that you can only find there. It's also known as the windy city because of one reason from the 1800's! Let's see if Brooke knows the history of the nickname or else she gets shocked! It's another Shock Collar.