Phone Tap

Mr. First Class - Phone Tap

Bragging about ridding first class is the most obnoxious thing anyone could do! We find out what riding first class is like from Mr. First Class himself! Did I mention he rides first class?! It's another Phone Tap. 

Girlfriends Gone Wild - Phone Tap

Today we called Shawn for the most CRAZIEST request ever! First we asked for his girlfriend's phone number then said she'd be the perfect person for our fake promotion. Once Shawn found out he totally freaked out! It's another Phone Tap!

Giving Back To The College - Phone Tap

They say that once you make it successfully the next step is to give back to the community. So why not give back to the college that you graduated from?! Today we find out how past can always can back to bother you! It's another Phone Tap. 

Verbal Spanking - Phone Tap

Couples counseling is one way to help with some marital problems. You know what's another outlet that'll help? Verbal spanking! If you don't know what it is then unfortunately you'll find out in this Phone Tap! 

Ridiculous Security Questions - Phone Tap

Having to call I.T. to reset your password is the WORST. They always ask the weirdest security questions like what's your great great grandfather's middle name.. Matthew needed help to reset his password so the best guys from the I.T. department are on it to help. It's another Phone Tap!

Proposal Disaster - Phone Tap

When you ask the person of your dreams to marry you then you have to make sure everything goes right! That's why Thomas asked for the most experienced waiter to help with the perfect proposal. To make sure everything goes right the waiter will be doing the exact opposite.. It's another Phone Tap!