Phone Tap

Don't Go Rubbernecking - Phone Tap

Giving back to the community can take the form of anything, including dealing cards at a charity event! Today we find out how a dad got caught looking at some eye candy. It's another Phone Tap! 

Old Filthy Frank Calls A Flower Shop - Phone Tap

Old filthy Frank is back and he's filthier than ever! Today he calls a flower shop to arrange a special gift for his 30th anniversary. Frank also throws in some extra details in the card that the flower girl did NOT want to hear. It's another Phone Tap! 

Adventures of Mr. Knuckleburger - Phone Tap

At one point or another everyone gets caught lying and people scramble to cover themselves up! Today we called Danielle because she got caught in a classic office lie! Calling in sick to get a three day weekend. Let's see how she reacts in today's Phone Tap! 

Duncan The Mack - Phone Tap

Duncan the shy guy knows how to get ALL the ladies! Today Duncan called Miranda so he could set up a date. Something's telling me it isn't going to end well for Duncan. It's another Phone Tap!