Phone Tap

Broadway To Amateur Acting - Phone Tap

Demanding directors are the worst thing to deal with if you're an actor. It takes the fun out of it and makes it look forced. Today we called a local theater actor about her performance. It's another Phone Tap! 

Down With The Thickness - Phone Tap

Don't you just HATE it when you get compared to an ex? Today we find out how getting compared to an old employee is just as bad.. Especially if the old employee looks like a Greek god. It's another Phone Tap! 

Recovered Book Addict - Phone Tap

You've heard of hooked on phonics now get ready for hooked on books! Today we called a local library about their new slogan being insensitive to recovered book addicts. It's another Phone Tap!

Life Saving Insurance - Phone Tap

Brasil is home of the world's most beautiful beaches, people and kidnapping... Today we called Lisa because she's going to need some specific insurance so she could survive her vacation! It's another Phone Tap. 

Duncan and the Tomatoes - Phone Tap

People's favorite awkward teenager is back and better than ever! Today Duncan calls his boss because there's an emergency while the boss is on vacation. Let's see how he takes the news in today's Phone Tap!

Respect The Ding - Phone Tap

If you're flying somewhere then RESPECT THE DING on the flight! Today we called Miriam because she had the audacity of not respecting the ding. It'll all make sense in today's Phone Tap!