Lazer Stories

Trained To Kill - Lazer Stories

Cute and furry animals might seem harmless to some, but those little creatures pack a punch. We find out how a crazy ex-girlfriend took revenge by using some furry friends! It's another edition of Lazer Stories!

Hitting It Big At 18 - Lazer Stories

Have you ever felt happy finding some lost cash in your pocket?! Now, turn that feeling up a notch by hitting it big at 18. Today we find out how a 18-year-old became set for life. It's another edition of Lazer Stories! 

Special Spidey Sense Sauce - Lazer Stories

In some strange world Spider-man is actually the bad guy doing all the crime. Unfortunately, that world is ours and this real life Spider-man almost got away! He fell to his infamous arch-nemesis! We find out who it is in today's Lazer Stories!

Grandma Kingpin - Lazer Stories

No one will ever love you like your grandma. Today we find out how this grandma's love was so strong that she went to prison for it! That's some pretty strong love if you ask me. It's another edition of Lazer Stories!