Lazer Stories

Good Boy Shoots Man - Lazer Stories

Pizza delivery is probably one of the weirdest and toughest jobs. You deliver pizza to people you don't know! We find out how a pizza, a dog and a gun almost destroyed someone's life. It's another Lazer Stories!

Operation FTG Is A Failure - Lazer Stories

Parents! The holidays can be a little rough, am I right?! Today we find out how someone's kid's went above and beyond to try to find their Christmas gifts. But, they out think their parents. We find out what happened in this Lazer Stories!

Let's Get It On - Lazer Stories

You know that one coworker that takes a lot paid leave days, don't you think something is up with them?! Let's just say that something is definitely WRONG and they finally got caught in a lie. It'll all make sense in today's Lazer Stories!