Lazer Stories

Larry The Liar - Lazer Stories

If you're ever going to lie to the police you better have a full proof plan or else you'll end up like the Larry the liar! He's the perfect example of what you shouldn't do. It's another edition of Lazer Stories!

You Stole My Heart - Lazer Stories

If you're going to break the law it's probably best that you don't graffiti your name at the crime scene.. You know if we're talking about it then some idiot person did it! It's another edition of Lazer Stories. 

Cashing In On My Stupidity - Lazer Stories

Halo top is great because you get to enjoy delicious ice cream for half the calories! Today we find out why Josh Burger decided to sue Halo Top. He's suing them for a pretty dumb reason too.. We find out more in this edition of Lazer Stories!