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Meet the Material Dog, Gunther VI. His great grandfather – Gunther III, of course – was the furbaby of a wealthy German countess named Karlotta Leibenstein, who shuffled off this mortal coil about 30 years ago, leaving her $80 million fortune to her furry bestie.

Dogs being notoriously bad investors, the countess’ estate appointed a trustee to invest the funds, which now total out around a cool half-billion dollars. (Would a cat trust anyone else to invest its money? We think not.)

At some point, the Gunther Corporation (no, seriously, that’s what they call it) bought Madonna’s old mansion in Miami for $7.5 million, where Gunther VI now lives (sleeping in the Material Girl’s old bedroom). Now, they’re selling it for a little under $32 mil.

Are you concerned about where Gunther VI will live when his Miami mansion is sold? Fear not! He also has cribs in┬áTuscany, Florence & Milan. He can travel to them via his private jet or on one of the “multiple yachts” that he owns. While en route, he’ll no doubt enjoy steak and caviar.

For more details, you can check this out, but we strongly recommend that you not show the video to your dog while breaking open a new bag of Purina.

We thought about adding a bunch of pictures of the world’s wealthiest animals to this story, but we decided that you’d rather see some adorable pets who couldn’t buy and sell the likes of you (and us) without batting an eye.