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Safety is important for your health and well-being. Psychological and physical health are two important factors in someone’s comfortability in an environment. Having a plan and implementing systems for safety precautions are vital to one’s confront level.

Music festivals are common occurrences within the greater Las Vegas area. Understanding your surroundings is key to making sure not only you but everyone else around you has a great time. Knowing how to protect yourself is of high importance when it comes to events with large crowds.

We have gathered some potential tips to use when you head to your next festival:

(These tips are only recommendations. Use at your own risk.)

1. If large crowds are starting to become chaotic one thing you can do is to hold your arms in front of your chest with your hands made into fists to brace yourself from the people standing next to you. Have your feet planted on the ground. This will help create a barrier of space in front of you.

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2. If you need help and your phone does not have a signal or low battery this is one thing you can do to let your loved ones know that you need help. Change your voice-mail outgoing message to alert anyone who calls you. This can be planned before and or during the event.

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3. Know where the exits and emergency exits are on the event grounds. This may sound simple but knowing where these exits are can help one escape and or leave when needed. Create a path by keeping your hands close together and your elbows in to weave through large crowds. Using your body to push forward can help with creating space.

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4. Never leave your drinks unattended. There are products created to protect your drinks that are convenient and easy to use. There is a product that is circular with a rubber latex that you roll over the top of your drink. They are easy to poke a hole into for a straw if needed.

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5. Ask for help around you. Look to see who is working security ahead of time and where they are located. Check to see what they are wearing whether it be a bright vest or uniform. Find out where the medic booth is to know where you can get help if need be. Knowing these key locations and people can help save your life and anyone else’s around you.

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Some other important things to keep in mind:

6. Try to attend the event with a friend or family member. Please try to avoid going alone.

7. Always have a designated driver or safe plan to travel if you are going to drink. Use rideshare apps if they are accessible to you.

8. Always park your car in well-lit areas. Look for parking under street lights and or nearby buildings that have lights facing the parking lot.