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Joe loves to cook - As if he wasn't already talented enough, he loves cooking for his family and friends.

Yep – you too can crash any SoulCycle class you want…assuming that you’re world-famous and the class features your band’s music.

We hate to sound cynical and all that, and we love us some JoBros, but it’s just a little too, er, coincidental that Joe happened to stumble into a Jonas Brothers vs. OneDirection SoulCycle class on his off day in Atlanta, decided to drop by (in decidedly non-workout gear) even though it was sold out, and then he walked into a place where everyone immediately recognized him.

Coincidence? Uh yeah…no. Still, the video is an entertaining watch, so we decided to share it with you.

Oh, and if you’re in a place where hearing the occasional naughty word would be a bad idea, don’t hit play.

And now…some magical moments featuring Joe & his bros.