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2017 - Ed Sheeran 'Shape Of You' - This catchy tune was No.1 on the Hot 100 charts for 12 weeks. He later won the Grammy for Best Pop Vocal Album a few months later.

Wondering how much money Ed Sheeran has? What was the last like he told? You can’t get away with asking him that kinda stuff, but nine- and ten-year-olds can.

Here, for your enjoyment is seven minutes of Teddy being grilled by the toughest interviewers he’ll ever face.

"Harry Styles was at that!": Kids Ask Ed Sheeran Difficult Questions

Kids ask Ed Sheeran the questions no adult would ever dare to.What was Ed's last lie? Why was Harry Styles really at his gig? How much money does he have?F...

And now, some of our favorite Teddy pics for your enjoyment.