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Taylor Swift accepts the Album of the Year award onstage during the 44th annual Academy Of Country Music Awards held at the MGM Grand on April 5, 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Frustrated that, for the last nine months, you’ve had to choose between doing your locks and strapping on a mask and hoping you don’t get the ‘rona in order to get your hair done? Does it help to know that Taylor Swift is right there with you?

Her words courtesy of GMA: “I haven’t had a haircut by anyone except for myself since lockdown started. I can’t ask my hair and makeup people and my stylist to quarantine for two weeks away from their families. I’m not going to ask them to do that, and ask them to fly and expose themselves to the virus.”

Pretty classy if you ask us. (And, yeah, you didn’t, but we’re going to tell you our opinion anyway.) Here’s the whole deal if you want to read about it, or you could just gaze at these lovely pictures of Taylor and her various ‘dos.