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Every Friday night, Star 107-9 gives you the gift of Flashback Friday Nights starting at 5pm. It’s the music you love from the 90’s and early 2000’s every Friday at 5pm.

As your workweek winds down, take a trip back to when your biggest concern was deciding who was better, the Backstreet Boys or ‘NSync, a time when your only worries were the Y2K Bug and when you had to be up to watch Saved By The Bell.

You can kick your Friday wind-down into gear with Flashback Friday Nights on Star 107.9. The show starts at 5 pm every Friday, and we’ll keep flashing back all the way until 2 am.

Yep, Backstreet’s back and they’re bringing Britney and ‘NSync with them, not to mention everyone from Alanis to Destiny’s Child.

It’s going to be more fun than playing with your Beanie Babies, so feed your Tamogachi, pop open a Zima, kick off your Dr. Martens, and get ready to have some fun.

Now, let’s turn back the clock a few years and take a look at our favorite Spice Girls from across the pond!