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For this story, I decided to have my family paint some pumpkins to tell the story first hand and it was a fun night for sure although a bit messy.

I made sure that my nephew — who is an artist, as you’ll see —  got the biggest pumpkin to paint and told him to paint what he wanted. He’s a big Batman guy and has been the Joker for Halloween more years in a row than I can count, so naturally, he picked The Joker.

I filmed him painting his favorite clown in a two-minute step by step video so anyone can do it.

Mr. E's Joker Jack-O- Latern Painting

This video is about Mr. E's Joker Jack-O- Latern Painting

My kids painted as well and as anyone can see, it’s quite easy to paint pumpkins, all you really need is a bunch of paint, a pumpkin and some imagination.

Check out what we came up with and then some painted pumpkins that inspired us from around the world.