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Yeah, we know. Every obnoxiously relentless self-promoter has a reality TV show, and the headline doesn’t tell you which obnoxiously relentless self-promoter we were talking about, but we’re guessing you got it from the picture.

In case you’re not clear, Carole Baskin, hero to tens of Tiger King viewers will be extending her 15 minutes of fame for wayyy longer than anyone not named Baskin needs, thanks to a new reality show she’ll host that will explore animal exploitation.

If you can’t get enough of her, you can also check out the upcoming show that will explore the unexplained disappearance of her presumably-late husband, who she denies having killed and fed to her own big cats who she clearly wasn’t exploiting.

Please join us in not watching any of this nonsense so she can just go away.

Other than that, how do we really feel?