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Ronnie Gonzalez

Sure, Netflix is great, but sometimes, you’ve just got to get out and do something. If the something you want to do is go see a movie on the big screen, you just scored!

Five theaters here in Vegas are about to reopen: Century Orleans 18, Century 16 Suncoast, Century 18 Sam’s Town, Century 16 Santa Fe and Century 16 South Point.

Bonus: you can go on the cheap! They’re offering “Comeback Classic” films for $5 per adult and $3 per child.

Ultimate coolness: you can even book a private movie theater watch party for $99.

Tickets went on sale last Friday. Click HERE to buy some.

Face it, you’re still a little concerned about the ‘Rona, aren’t you? Well, the company that owns the theaters says they’re reopening with “greatly enhanced cleanliness, sanitizing and safety measures at every step of the moviegoing experience.” Hopefully, that means you won’t step on somebody else’s gum while you’re at the movies.

Have fun…and while you’re waiting for your night out, enjoy some festive pictures of some of our favorite pre-COVID movie moments.