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Love Island USA - Season 2 Premieres Monday, Aug. 24 On CBS

Get ready to place your bets on a new season, a new city, and a new crop of sexy single Islanders! Summer will hit the highest temperatures yet when Season 2...

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas…allegedly. We’re modestly excited to hear Love Island, Season 2 will be back in full swing and taking place in Vegas Baby! The show will take place in Caesars Entertainment’s boutique hotel, The Cromwell.

If you’re not familiar with Love Island, it’s a reality show that started in the U.K. and came America, where the first season was so successful they’re bringing back a new group of singles who will be ready to mingle (and whatever else they do).  The second season takes place here in Vegas, and the show is kinda like a Big Brother-style thingy where the singles end up in bed with whoever up and sometimes find a mate. The winning couple at the end gets a big reward a huge cash prize.

We’re going to follow the show from Day One and maybe – just maybe since they are in our neighborhood, we’ll be showing some local pics 😉

For now, they’re preparing the show by making sure that all employees at the hotel and the production team are staying 100% healthy and following the specific health and safety guidelines for COVID-19. (Not that we expect the people on Love Island to socially distance or anything.)

Check out the digs of The Cromwell where they will be filming. Let us know: will you be watching Love Island and what do you want to see on the show?