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Sometimes, we just see stuff that weirds us out, and we have to share it with you. This might be the GOAT of bizarre stories.

Meet Malcolm. He seems like a nice enough guy. He’s extremely patient.

Y’see, Malcolm had a really messed up blood infection back in 2014, and he lost his, uh, organ to it. His doctors, however, were able to grow a new one.

On his arm.

He named it Jimmy, and it’s been there for four years now, and he’s hoping to have it “installed” in its proper location soon. Until then, Malcolm wears long sleeves when he goes out in public.

You wanna know how his doctors grew it? We’re about to share that information with you, but anyway, heeeere’s Malcolm!

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How’d they do that? We’re going to send you to the full story from England to find that out. You can learn all about Malcolm and Jimmy right here.

Meanwhile, let’s wish them both all the best. We’re going to go drink a whole tureen of wine now.