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Okay, so this whole social distancing thing is really important, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t mock the people who get a little too uptight about it.  For example, we stumbled across this missive from Spanish Trail Country Club.

Le’s be clear: we admire their commitment to respecting everybody who works there, and we love their commitment to actually following the rules we’re all expected to follow, especially since that’s how we keep businesses open and people employed. Still, this is pretty amusing in places.

Apparently, they’re having a problem with hugging and kissing on the links, and yeah, that “includes couples playing in groups hugging and kissing in front of the whole course, and guys/ladies hugging people they haven’t seen in a while.”  Also, much like we’ve learned with tennis, you’ve got to be careful with your balls, so “No tossing balls in a hat – find another way to split your groups up…”

Anyway, have a read and a smile. Then, keep your lips and your balls to yourself, please.