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Nevada Coronavirus Deaths Hits 26: For more information click here.

Pretty much everyone is somewhere between concerned and completely flipped out over coronavirus, so when we see a new list of reasons to feel like everything’s going to be okay, we want to share them with you.  Among the big ones right now:

  • The number of new cases in China has been way down for a few weeks.
  • Even in Wuhan, which none of us had ever heard of until this whole mess started, they’re about to end the lockdown.
  • It’s starting to slow down in Italy – ground zero for Europe – too.
  • The timetable for getting through the worst is shorter than you think.  We can do this.
  • Most of the people who get it experience mild symptoms at worst.
  • The upcoming warm weather should help.
  • People are stepping up.  Just google “good deeds during coronavirus.” You’ll get over 12 million results.

It ain’t fun right now, but we’re going to get through this.

Oh, and here’s a way you can step up and help our local small businesses survive.