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Ronnie Gonzalez

NEW YORK, NY - OCTOBER 31: Guests attend Heidi Klum's 19th Annual Halloween Party Sponsored by SVEDKA Vodka and Party City at Lavo NYC on October 31, 2018 in New York City. (Photo by Craig Barritt/Getty Images for SVEDKA Vodka)

Halloween is next week and that doesn’t mean you have to spend A LOT on a costume! So, we’ve put together a list of some great cheap homemade DIY costumes for anyone on a budget!

1) Take a large black plastic garbage bag. Turn it upside down. Cut out holes for your head and arms. Slip the bag on and put your arms and head through the precut holes. Stuff it from the bottom with newspaper. Tie it up at the bottom and – you’re a grape!

2) This couple’s costume works…especially if you have a “pug” dog.  You and your partner wear black suits, white shirts, black ties, and black sunglasses…put a small black tie on your pug…voila…men (or women) in black!

3) Get a black or dark grey t-shirt. Go to a home improvement store…grab samples of grey swatches. Tape or glue them to the shirt…and you’d be sporting “50 shades of grey.”

4) Take an old shirt. Cut slits in it all over. Take several cereal boxes and cut them apart. Glue, tape or staple them to your shirt…smear ketchup on the shirt…take a plastic or rubber knife with you…you’re a “cereal killer!”

5) Your partner wears all green…(the more the better)…take an old white shirt and write the word “envy” on the front and/or back. Walk around with arms interlocked…and you’re “green with envy!”

6) If you wear red, white and blue…this is more effective. Go to the dollar store and get fake gold medals in the party favors area…you could add a red, white and blue head band…carry a few loaves of bread…and go as “the breadwinner!”

7) Here’s an old school costume reference. put on a raincoat, rain shoes (if you can find them) and take your umbrella…cut out pictures of (handsome) guys, tie fishing line to the pic and tie the other end of the pics’ string to the bottom of the umbrella (on the inside)…guess what… “it’s raining men!”

8) Wear something “a bit nicer”…take and cut up either an old pillowcase or sheet and write “apology” on it…staple the ends together…slip it over one arm and drape it across your body like a sash – now that is a “formal apology.”

9) Grab a white t-shirt. Stretch it out on an ironing board. Use a black magic marker. On the front write…”error 702. Costume not found”…

10) Put on a tropical shirt, a straw hat and throw on a lei…and grab some boxing gloves…you’re now packing – “Hawaiian punch”…