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Ronnie Gonzalez

Sunday 10pm - midnight

Famous DJ Marshmello isn’t any ‘happier’ after finding out he’s being sued for copyright infringement.

DJ Arty filed a complaint Monday against Marshmello for infringing his One Republic remix of I Lived, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Although the song was originally made by One Republic, Arty has ownership of any original elements added to the I Lived remix.Thus, causing the law suit filed against Marshmello.

Marshmello is allegedly accused of “willfully copying” the “original composition elements” of Arty’s remix “note for note,” according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Along with Marshmello, Daniel Campbell Smith, frontman of Bastille, music publishing companies and producers are also being sued, according to Arty’s filed complaint. (Full complaint filed here).

As to whether or not this law suit sees the courtroom is another conversation.

Marshmello hasn’t made an official statement about the infringement law suit.

Written by Ronnie Gonzalez.