Ronnie Gonzalez

Drake took home some gold last night, but he dropped a total meme worthy acceptance speech.

The Billboard Music Awards happened last night and one of the many awards won went to Toronto based-rapper Drake.

During his acceptance speech he says, “shout out to Arya Stark for putting in that work, last week.”

Referring to the Game of Thrones showdown between Arya and The Night King. 

However, fans of the popular HBO show say that Drake now ‘cursed’ Arya Stark.

Drake has been known to be a ‘losing curse’ for most major sports teams. His more notable losses has been with San Francisco basketball and Toronto hockey.

On the other hand, Drake took home 14 Billboard Music Awards last night, according to (Full list of winners and nominees here.)

He’s definitely not losing in the awards department!

Written by Ronnie Gonzalez.