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Ronnie Gonzalez

The NHL is owning up to a controversial penalty call that caused the Vegas Golden Knights to get eliminated from the playoff series. 

VGK franchise owner Bill Foley revealed that the NHL officially apologized for a referee’s penalty call during game 7, according to Las Vegas Review Journal.

“It was a bad call, it was a mistake, we recognize the mistake and we acknowledge it,” said a senior NHL executive to Foley.

The penalty call came halfway through the 3rd period when Golden Knights players Cody Eakin and Paul Stasny cross-checked San Jose player Joe Pavelski.

Causing Pavelski to hit his head on the ice and receive a cut from his helmet face cage.

The refree on the ice ejected Cody Eakin and gave Vegas a 5-minute major penalty. Causing them to be short one player for an entire five minutes.

Making the Golden Knights to lose their 3-0 score lead and pushed them into overtime, where they lost 5-4. Thus, eliminating them from the playoffs.

Hockey critics felt that the 5-minute major penalty call was too harsh. The referee’s on ice didn’t get a clear look at the Eakin-Pavelski cross check, so they made a call without getting a full look at the act.

“They called a result and they did not call the act. They’re to call the act not the result,” said Foley.

The NHL ended up punishing two of the three refs that officiated the VGK vs San Jose game.

Dan O’Halloran and Eric Furlatt, who officiated that game, are not officiating in the second round of the playoffs, according to Scouting The

Even though losing a 3-1 series lead against San Jose the Vegas Golden Knights are optimistic for the next season.

A 3rd alternate jersey for the Vegas Golden Knights is expected to be revealed for the 2020-2021 season as well, according to the team’s official Twitter.

Things will be looking bright for the team’s future.

Written by Ronnie Gonzalez.