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Ronnie Gonzalez

Sunday 10pm - midnight

Being starstruck couldn’t be anymore truer for a woman in Boston after she was invited on stage by Kelly Clarkson.

Kate Saba-Brewer was at a Kelly Clarkson show in Boston when the unthinkable happened. During Kelly’s A Minute & A Glass of Wine segment she announced that she was inviting Kate onstage.

However, Kelly did it in clues before dropping the bombshell.

“She’s actually no stranger to surprises,” Kelly said. “A video of her being surprised, actually stunned, by her friends and family at her wedding has gone viral-and-received millions of views. I am one of those views.” With that, it sealed the deal that Kate was going onstage!

Kelly is talking about the viral flash mob video that happened during Kate’s wedding. In it, everyone danced their shoes off to one of Kelly’s songs.

Around 11:53, Kelly makes her announcement and shows Kate’s flash mob video. (Click here for the flash mob video).

Really, Kate’s reaction to everything was PRICELESS. “Kelly Clarkson, thank you for making my entire life tonight!! I can’t tell you what you have done for me,” said Kate in her Instagram post.

The other person that won MAJOR points that day was Kate’s husband Dave Brewer.

“Dave, after this you now have permission to hang any and all Tom Brady paraphernalia throughout the house including above our bed,” said Kate in the same Instagram post.

Written by Ronnie Gonzalez.