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We’ve all done it: Checking and/ or responding to a text at a red light…or worse, while driving! In case you didn’t know, distracted driving laws took effect in Nevada in October of 2011. It outlaws, among other things, texting while driving and using the internet on your handheld device while driving.

According to KSNV/ News 3, Henderson and Boulder City police have recently combined efforts to strictly enforce this law. Over 19 days, they issued 124 distracted driving citations. These can prove to be costly with the first offence carrying a fine of $50, $100 for the second and $250 for the third and subsequent offenses (

In addition to being a costly ticket, “If you are looking down (at your phone), you are not going to see a pedestrian, you’re not going to see a crosswalk, you’re not going to someone step out from behind a parked car, you are not going to see a bicyclist make a lane change to go into a turn lane. Driving is a priority when you are on the road,” said Henderson Traffic Sergeant Roger Matuszak.

So, put down the phone! You might save a life as well as your wallet!