Ronnie Gonzalez

“Put on your sweater!!” That’s one thing most mom’s yell at their kids right before they go outside if it’s cold. We find out how one college student is in deep water because of his mom’s sweater attitude.

The polar vortex is sweeping all over the Midwest and East coast that it’s literally leaving areas with all-time record freezing temperatures. However, the freezing temps are no match for one brave University of Minnesota student!

A student named Miles was crossing the street when a Star Tribune photographer snapped a picture of him in his shorts. What caught the internet’s attention wasn’t that he was wearing shorts in the freezing cold! It was the fact that he refused to give his last name because “his mom would be mad at him for how he was dressed…”

The internet had a field day about Miles!

On the other hand, Miles is brave enough to face the cold but not brave enough to face his angry mom! Can’t say I blame ya’ Miles.

Written by Ronnie Gonzalez.