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Nothing ever amazes me anymore when I get on the Internet. In your WTH news for the week, it was just announced that Barbra Streisand cloned her dog, not once but twice.

According to The New York Times, the singer and actor mentioned in a recent Variety.com article that cells were used from the mouth and stomach her late dog Samantha to create her two new dogs, Miss Violet and Miss Scarlett. The kicker: it cost $50,000 per dog! Pocket change when you’re a celebrity, I guess.

Well of course when the news came out that Streisand cloned her dog, hilarity ensued on Twitter. Some of the reactions were people mad at Streisand for cloning instead of adopting, some were mortified, and some were just plain awestruck. Most of the reactions, however, were just plain funny. I put some of them below:

If you had $50,000 laying around, would you clone your dog?


– Drea

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