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Sometimes you get on the internet, and it’s a hot mess, and sometimes you get on and find pure gold. Today, I found gold!

The Beyonce fan page Beylite, on Instagram, just posted some throwback footage of Beyonce performing and practicing from when she was part of the girl group Girl’s Tyme and It. Is. Awesome.

Backstory: Beyonce and Kelly Rowland met as kids when they were in the group Girl’s Tyme. Girl’s Tyme then became Something Fresh, then Cliche, then The Dolls, then Destiny, then Destiny’s Child with four members, then Destiny’s Child with three members, and then finally Destiny’s Child with Beyonce, Kelly, and Michelle. Got all that?

Here are some screenshots of the videos – which are amazing from the hairstyles to the clothing – and if you want to see both videos, you can check them out here. Long live Girl’s Tyme!

– Drea

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