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Here's Why Taking A Nap May Not Be Such A Good Idea

Attention nap lovers ... your afternoon nap may not be the best way to spend your free time.

An article on Business Insider points out that while naps seem like a good idea, they release some of the sleepiness your body builds up during the day. When individuals take a long nap, it can make it more difficult to fall asleep in the evening, or worse -- To stay asleep.

In short, the nap you take during the day can disrupt your normal sleep cycle, causing you to feel more tired and perhaps not as rested as if you had skipped napping altogether.

Business Insider spoke with Matthew Walker who is a professor of neuroscience.

Walker advises people to take naps if they don't struggle with falling asleep at night, and to also take a nap earlier in the day versus late in the day.

Walker also added that naps won't help you make up for lost sleep, if that's the goal. Even if an individual sleeps for longer one day or several days after losing sleep, the body cannot recover or make up the sleep that was lost.

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