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The Internet Has Tons Of Theories On Taylor Swift's Newest Video

"...Ready For It?" hasn't even released yet, but based on the teaser alone, it looks as if the internet has it all figured out. 

Taylor Swift is as calculated as they come, and she recently released a trailer for her upcoming video, in which it looks as if she's battling a version of herself.

vicky????????45TAYNY on Twitter



...Ready For It? Trailer

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People have been making a ton of different claims based on what they see, including that Taylor looking like she's almost naked is a dig at Kanye West's "Famous" video, where Taylor was depicted in wax figure, completely naked.

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It's pretty clear now that Taylor being "naked" in the Ready For It video is in reference to Kanye's Famous one. If so, I'm stanning forever

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Taylor Swift appears totally nude as she plays an AI Barbie in sneak peek of ...Ready For It music video https://t.co/5ugn0Z3O0c


Personally, I saw more of a connection between the bodysuited Taylor and the idea of her looking like Scarlett Johansson in 'The Ghost In The Shell.'  Also, these headlines saying that she's *totally nude* is pretty clickbait-y, considering she's wearing some CGI type suit.

Ghost in the Shell Official Trailer 1 (2017) - Scarlett Johansson Movie

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Fans are also believing that Taylor is going to go at Calvin Harris, simply from the use of lightning in her title block.

rePUTAtion / nov 10! on Twitter

YES HONEY SPILL THE TEA @taylorswift13 #ReadyForItMusicVideo


People are also noting that if there is a video for this song as well, then this may be a visual album, which solidifies our theories from almost a year ago, that she would be going a la 'Lemonade' and creating her own visual album.

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omgadhjkjgklkj as if taylor swift made a badass music video for ready for it, DOES THIS MEAN REPUTATION IS A VISUAL ALBUM OMG


The video is rumored to be released Thursday, so we don't have much more time to create theories.


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