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Despite His Outspoken Hatred Of It, Daniel Craig Will Be Bond Once More

Daniel Craig appeared on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, and decided to spill the beans to only Stephen Colbert.

He's returning as James Bond, and answered the question point blank to Colbert only, after not giving the scoop to all the other people he was interviewed by that day.

And when he said he's always wanted to do another one, Stephen brought out the quote that shook the Bond world, when Daniel Craig said: "I'd rather slash my wrists than play James Bond again."

He apologized, noting that they asked him 2 days after finishing the last film, and he answered poorly.

He talks his new movie Logan Lucky, and the southern accent he had to learn for the role.

But what was really hilarious was that he spoke on his Star Wars cameo as a storm trooper, and when Colbert asked how it happened, Craig grinned and replied "I slept with J.J. Abrams."

Watch it here:

Confirmed! Daniel Craig Will Return As James Bond

'Logan Lucky' star Daniel Craig saved a big announcement for his appearance on the Late Show.


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