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Words That Describe The United States; What Would You Say?

With July 4th around the corner, people are talking all things USA!

Whether you live in America or in another country outside of it, we're sure you have all kinds of thoughts and opinions about our great nation.

But can you describe it in just four words? What would you say?

To me, America means I can be free to be who I want and express what I feel. As an American, I can vote for the president of my choice, wear a tank top and not be judged and celebrate multiple holidays. America is a melting pot of people who all want to live happy and successful lives and that's what makes our country the greatness that it is.

Some may define America with deeper meanings like pride, liberty and strong. Others might associate it with smoked BBQ porkchops, a cool case of Budlight or a trip to the baseball game with a pitcher of sweet tea and popcorn.

Let's check out some of Twitter's ideas.

Some of these are shared views, others are a lot more controversial. Read with an open mind. Isn't America all about freedom of speech?

????????TRUMP USA???????? on Twitter

????????God Bless The USA???????? #USAin4words https://t.co/UXjKB7KLjB

Melanie Grace on Twitter

USAin4words In Need of Leadership

Pink Lady 4 Trump♥ on Twitter

USAin4words Proud To Be American

Steven Crowder on Twitter

USAin4words Better. Than. Your. Country.

ScienceDrummer on Twitter


Empress Kage on Twitter

It's where I live #USAin4words

ŁȺᵾǤĦƗNǤ ???? SꝀᵾŁŁ on Twitter

We have great cartoons!!! #USAin4words https://t.co/TYPTgYhLcT

MANCHURRO on Twitter

Just one giant walmart #USAin4Words

Rob Acampora on Twitter

USAin4words - Imperfect but still best! https://t.co/1amnicIaiR


USAIn4Words First Amendment Still Matters



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