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Ed Sheeran Doesn't Have A Phone Anymore, And It Sounds Amazing

During Ed Sheeran's Carpool Karaoke, he tells James he should get rid of his phone too because it's wonderful. 

On top of all the great singing in Ed's Carpool Karaoke, he talks a little bit about his personal life, including what snack he can fit 55 of in his mouth. We also find out that James can sing as fast as Ed, and that he can't stop himself from slow grinding to "Shape of You."

Also, listen to him tell the story of smacking Justin Bieber in the face with a golf club.

Watch the hilarity here:

Ed Sheeran Carpool Karaoke

James and Ed Sheeran go for a drive in Los Angeles singing songs off Ed's new album, and James challenges Ed to fit as many Maltesers in his mouth after hearing he once fit 47.


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