Lululemon Makes Sure To Show That Yoga Is Everywhere

Creation, Rap Flow, Dance, Training, Strength. All of these things, believe it or not, can be compared to Yoga principals. 

Noting some of the most important practices of Breath, Meditation, Letting Go, Non-Violence, Self-Discipline, Self-Discovery, Trust, Devotion, and Joy, Lululemon says "This Is Yoga."

Definitely makes Yoga seem a lot more empowering and a lot less hokey.  Take a look at their promo video here, which notes in the caption that "Practice in action leads to a purposeful life."

lululemon | This is Yoga | Celebrating real stories of practice in action

We're honouring yoga in all its forms by taking practice off the mat. Practice in action leads to a purposeful life. Nous faisons honneur au yoga, dans toutes ses multiples formes, en le retrouvant ailleurs que sur le tapis. Nous avons compris que vivre sa pratique au quotidien mène vers une vie davantage porteuse de sens.


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