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The Internet Is Convinced That Avril Lavigne Isn't Actually Avril Lavigne

There's a rumor going around the interweb and it's getting out of control, but apparently, part of the internet thinks Avril Lavigne is a body double/imposter. 

Typically, we wouldn't entertain such rumors, but this one has been circulating for a long time.  Some people legitimately think that the real Avril Lavigne passed away many years ago, and was replaced by a look-alike named Melissa Vandella. According to A.V. Club, the internet theory says that Avril became friends with Melissa and taught her how to impersonate her, to distract the paparazzi, because the real Avril hated being famous.

The internet people perpetuating this conspiracy theory have a very dark telling about the "real" story of Avril Lavigne but it looks as if they are trying to blame her direction in music on this "death," and that the real Avril who, according to the theory, passed away in 2003 at her own hand, wouldn't perform music the way that Avril Lavigne does now.

They cite The Best Damn Thing, saying that this Melissa Vandella character recorded a full album as Avril, and was marketed differently in style. Which, let's face it, was very different than the days of Let Go.

Many people have also started comparing and contrasting "photographic evidence" like Avril's jawline from when she was singing "Complicated," to the bleach blonde "Girlfriend" Avril , showing how they don't match up. Others have commented on the eye shape as well.

goth princess on Twitter

okay but look at the difference of the jawline!! avril in 2002 (left) vs melissa in 2014 (right) @givenchyass CONSPIRACY CONFIRMED

A on Twitter

@givenchyass Okay so I was looking at these and the corners of their eyes are shaped differently and now I'm geeking


Clearly these things could have been photoshopped, but the comeback for that is fans have started comparing handwriting from old photos to new photos and thinking that her lyrics are encrypted with the truth, as well as comparing photos of Melissa and Avril side by side.

? on Twitter

evidence from @Hater_tots_


No word if Avril Lavigne (or, if the conspiracy theory is REAL), Melissa Vandella have commented on this as of yet... But one thing is for sure: A.V. Club makes a solid point that Nickelback's Chad Kroeger, Avril Lavigne's Husband/Ex-Husband, is clearly not a Sk8er Boi, and really, would she have fallen for him?

*shifty eyes*

ACRONYM △⃒⃘ on Twitter

Hey @AvrilLavigne - Have you ever addressed that the internet has a conspiracy theory that you're dead, and have been replaced? Hit me up.


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