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Blake Shelton Settles Defamation Lawsuit

Tabloids beware; flashing questionable headlines about country stars on your cover can cost you.

That's the lesson apparently learned by the publishers of In Touch Weekly, which ran a headline in September 2015 arguably leading some to believe that Blake Shelton had entered rehab. He hadn't, of course. Splashed across the front cover, in any case, was "The Real Story: REHAB for Blake."

Needless to say, Blake wasn't happy and decided soon afterward sued the magazine's publisher for a cool $1 million. The litigants have reached an undisclosed settlement out of court, according to Billboard. The agreement, the details of which remain private, follow an April 2016 Shelton court victory in which a California judge ruled that the In Touch headline wasn't protected speech. From the looks of it, the mag' thought it best to settle up.

So there. Let's head to the beach and forget all about this mess.

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