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That Pesky Earworm....

I was actually talking about this a few days ago on my show, & figured it's high time I do a little research into the topic seeing as how I KNOW alot of people have also experienced it. Ever wake up in the morning with that random song in your head, sometimes not even knowing the song or band you happen to be humming? It happens to me quite a bit, but I always write off as a side effect of my profession...however, come to find out there's actually been research into the topic and the term for it is, 'Earworm'. (Almost sounds like the main character in Sci-Fi movie doesn't it?) From what I read it sounds like there's a few different key ingredients to why you'd wake up humming a random tune, some are obvious, some's a few:

Recent music exposure

Repeated music exposure

People triggers

Situation trigger



Probably one of the most annoying things about waking up with that tune in your noggin, is not know WHAT that tune is! Well, after a bit more research, I actually found the Shazam of songs that you know the lyrics or melody to, but just can't remember the name of. Check out, it may take a second to figure out but it lets you sing or hum a song into it...and comes back with some pretty accurate results. No more going the day wondering what that song is stuck in you head!

Of course, you may have that problem of that melody in your head annoying the crap out of you...and how do I make it disappear?! No worries, I looked up a little something that may help you out in that department too...try for 8 great ways to rid yourself of that ONE  particular voice in your head...don't know how well it'll do for the rest of the voices though 😉

There ya go....whether, you're one of those people that needs to define that lil hymm in your head, or you need it out...hopefully this helps.

As for me, I'm cool with humming whatever is I'm humming today 😀