Little Girl Tries To Make Off With the Pope’s Hat!

Everybody always talks about the funny things kids say, which is ALWAYS entertaining, but what's equally entertaining is what they decide they need to own! I watch my nephew do this all the time and it's hilarious! He'll grab just about anything and take it straight into his room for future play sessions...anything from bathroom supplies, to his mom's clothing, to food from the fridge, random objects from outside....the list goes on and on. It would seem that the young lady in the video below subscribes to that way of thinking as well. Estella Westrick was taken by her Godfather, a Catholic Travel Blogger, to meet the one and only Pope...we're talking the HEAD of the Roman Catholic Church! And as her Godfather lifted her up to catch a kiss on the cheek Estella decides that she needs to take a little memento from the occasion...I could describe what then happened, but it really wouldn't do it justice like the video below play and have a laugh! 🙂