Imagine Dragons Step Into The Ring For Their New Video For “Believer”

Imagine Dragons is literally pulling no punches in the music video for their latest single "Believer."  The video, which is directed by Matt Eastin who also directed "On Top of the World" for the band, opens with a montage of futuristic sequences and cut shots of lead singer Dan Reynolds and Dolph Lundgren (Drago from Rocky IV) squaring each other up.  Next thing you know, a no-holds barred boxing match takes place with Dan taking quite the beating although he eventually wins... or does he?  Yes, there's a bit of a twist at the end, but we're not going to spoil that for you, you have to watch the video and find out for yourself.

While there's no set name or release date for the band's third album, we should see something by the middle of the year.  Reynolds told ABC Radio: "I don't know when it'll come out -- we're not sure yet, it's not complete, but I feel like it's definitely an evolution for Imagine Dragons, but what kind of evolution, I can't say yet.  The music feels very real to us, I'm just really excited for people to hear it."