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I’m Not Mad About ‘This Is Us’ Finale

If you have a heart… you are obsessed with This Is Us. I have cried hard every single episode.. up until last night’s finale. It was still a good episode, and I did tear up.. just not that ..can’t catch my breath cry.. like I have done, many times before while watching this show.  We saw that Jack and Rebecca aren’t perfect, we saw that Jack has some flaws (I’m still on his side) and we saw Randall wants to adopt a baby..but, some people are still upset that it didn’t leave us with a BIG cliff hanger like normal shows do during their season finale.

Why do we love This Is Us though? Because it’s not like any other show we have ever watched. This Is Us touches on many social and political issues that go on every day in our country, but they do it in the most subtle and heartfelt way. You don’t realize they touch on obesity, alcoholism, racism, divorce, cheating.. because all you feel is LOVE when you watch each and every episode.

My opinion is that they didn’t need to leave us with a cliff hanger. The biggest cliff hanger of the series thus far is; how does Jack die… and we still don’t know the answer. I don’t need a cliff hanger to entice me to watch next season. I can’t wait to watch every episode next season. I believe it’s one of the best written shows I have ever watched. (granted my DVR is packed with Keeping up with the Kardashians, Teen Mom and Dateline)

This Is Us has made me rethink every relationship I have ever had in my life, made me cry like a baby while making dinner, before bed or even before the gym. I don’t need a finale cliff hanger to make me love this show. I fell in love a long time ago.

Cheers to another season of wine, tears and goosebumps while watching This Is Us.