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Some Of The Best Big Game Ads Ever

This Sunday Atlanta faces off against New England in Houston and while most people will be watching the game, a good majority of people will be watching for the commercials.  Advertising during one of the most watched TV programs all year doesn't come cheap with the average advertiser paying a whopping $5 million dollars for just 30 seconds of air time!  Aside from the hefty price tag, marketers usually pull out all the stops for these ads with hefty budgets and movie quality production value.  Here are some of the most memorable big game ads from over the years we've collected... let us know your favorite in the comments below.

1996 - Pepsi - "Your Cheatin' Heart"

This poor Coke guy thought no one was looking when he went to grab a can of ice cold Pepsi but the refrigerator had other ideas and dumped it's contents all over the place while his act of treason is caught on the store's surveillance system.