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ICYMI: Nick Viall and Vanessa Play "How Engaged Are You?"

Nick Viall recently took a break from his Dancing with the Stars training schedule to partake in a round of "How Engaged Are You?" alongside his newly-minted fiancée" Vanessa Grimaldi.

The two tackled questions like "Who takes longer to get ready?" and "Who's messier?" Though they agreed on a few responses, for the most part they took drastically different stances on the questions posed to them by staffers from Ellen DeGeneres's show. Check it out:

'How Engaged Are You?' with Nick Viall & Vanessa Grimaldi

The Ellen Show producers play a drinking game with "The Bachelor's" newly engaged couple. "DWTS" airs Monday nights on ABC.

For the record, we can definitely see Nick taking a while to get his hair perfectly sculpted. Locks like that don't just happen, okay!?


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