Tequila Made Me Do It - Loser Line

Alcohol makes you do A LOT of regrettable decisions but tequila gets the worst out of people! Today we find out why this guy blames tequila for making his DM mistake. It's another edition of the Loser Line! 

Snapchat - Song Of The Week

Snapchat just recently passed Facebook and Instagram for the most used social media app!! In honor of snapchat's success, Young Jeffery puts a spin to a classin Akon song! It's another edition of the Song of The Week! 

Snack Mom A Snack - Missed Connections

If you ever feel the need to be extra at your kid's soccer game DON'T. This soccer mom caught so much attention at her son's soccer game that it landed her into an edition of Missed Connections! 

Awkward Meet Ups - Loser Line

If you give someone the number to the Loser Line make SURE that you're not missing anything at the end of the night. We find out how the Loser Line completely backfires on someone! Talk about a awkward meet up...

Moss Killer Lasagna - Phone Tap

Office potlucks are the BEST place to show off your recipes and dish out compliments. We find out why Erin's lasagna is so famous that her company doesn't want that much fame at the potluck. It's another Phone Tap!

Preggo Trapped - Awkward Tuesday Phone Call

Having a kid is a big deal that obviously needs to be talked about, but how do you deal with your girlfriend trying to get pregnant without telling you? Steven called us because he's not happy about his girlfriend making this big time decision! It's another edition of the Awkward Tuesday Phone Call!

Coldplay Is For Bedwetters - Phone Tap

If your son tells you that he's been suspended from school for the wrong reasons would you believe him? Today we called Manny because the school found some explicit stuff in his son's locker. Let's see what Manny does in this Phone Tap!