Huge Storm - Loser Line

If you've ever wondered what a creep sounds like then look no further to today's Loser Line! Some of these guys don't know what hit them!

Get Your Nose Back On - Phone Tap

So today we called Grace to give her the opportunity of a lifetime! She was really excited up until she told us about a little problem she had.. We find out what it was in today's Phone Tap! 

Fast & Furious - Phone Tap

So today we called Alex because he's finally been caught!! Alex likes to smoke the devils lettuce while at work but we have a proposition for him. You'll WON'T believe what he's going to do! We find out in today's Phone Tap! 

Drill Manager - Phone Tap

So today David got a call from his new manager.. His new manager isn't too nice because you know.. he used to be a four star general in the Army!! I don't think this Phone Tap is going to end well!