Officer Bright Side - Phone Tap

Don't you hate it when someone is always looking at the glass half full?! There really isn't anything good about your car getting stolen. Let's see how Shaun reacts to officer bright side. It's another Phone Tap! 

Girl Scout Mom - Missed Connections

It's girl scout cookie season! That means that all of those girl scout mom's are going to get hit on by creepy dudes.. It's NEVER a good idea to talk about your tongue in front of kids.  It's another Missed Connections!

Two Faced Tesla - Phone Tap

Tesla's are the latest gen of souped up super cars that are taking over the world. With a price tag of 100K it's no drop in the bucket. Today we called Ashley because their was a little mishap while delivering her car.. It's another Phone Tap! 

Why Is It Swelling - Loser Line

Today's Loser Line really had us wondering what EXACTLY happened on this date! Whatever happened this girl definitely needs to make it up to her date! It's another Loser Line.