Stoner Paint Jobs - Phone Tap

Painting your house is a difficult job that no one should take lightly! So the best person for this job is a stoner! Because they'll make your house totally colorful man.. Let's see how this Phone Tap ends!

Suspicious Pizza Package - Phone Tap

Whatever you do DON'T open those pizza boxes!! There's some super secret stuff in it and we can't let the heat out. Let's see if Ron is down to deliver those boxes in today's Phone Tap! 

Shotgun Showdown - Courthouse

The courthouse is always full of overly happy people for some reason! Today we find out how some guy kind of admitted to us that he killed someone. That made us ask Whatcha Doin' At The Courthouse!?

Man VS Zoo - Second Date Update

Today we find out how going to the zoo made Paul get in touch with his animal side! We find out why he isn't getting a call back in today's Second Date Update! 

Bent Complaints - Phone Tap

Don't you just hate it when customers are extra angry for no reason?! Yeah.. me too! Today we sent our best angry employee to file a complaint. We find out what happened in today's Phone Tap!