Not So Real House Wife – Phone Tap

Today we called Natalie and asked her if she wanted to be part of the biggest reality TV show! We offered her 10k a episode so she couldn’t refuse! But of course there was one condition! You’ll find out what in today’s Phone Tap! 

Most Beautiful Woman – Shock Collar

Some celebs are lucky enough to end up on the most beautiful women’s list but none fall in comparison to one! Don’t know who it is?! Well… let’s see if Jose does or else he’ll get shocked! Anything could happen in today’s Shock Collar!

Fake Resumés - Awkward Tuesday

If you apply for your dream job then CHECK your resumé because someone might pull a prank on you! Well... at least that's what happened to this poor guy! It's another Awkward Tuesday Phone Call! 

Stood Up Dates – Loser Line

Being around the club scene you always see the try hard guys that hit on every girl!! Some might get there numbers and others might get the Loser Line! Today we played some of the best voice mails from the weekend! It’s another edition of the Loser Line!