I Can Make It Flex - Loser Line

Ladies lets be real.. how can you resist a guy that can "make it flex!!" If this loser doesn't make sense then just listen to his explanation! It's another edition of the Loser Line! 

Children Of The Corn Maze - Lazer Stories

Parents probably have one of the hardest jobs on the planet, but how do you NOT notice losing your kid?! This kid got lost in the weirdest place ever and is now making news everywhere! We find out what happened in today's Lazer Stories! 

Afraid Of The Dark - Phone Tap

Do you ever feel that someone people are just way too old to be afraid of the dark? If you're like us then you're probably not going to like the new security guy Darvin.. He's pretty lousy for the job! Lets see how his boss takes it in this Phone Tap!